Wir sind ein deutsches Unternehmen.
Da wir global agieren, sind die Informationstexte in englischer Sprache verfasst. Sollten Sie eine deutsche Übersetzung bevorzugen oder benötigen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte einfach per E-Mail:

Hi there!
I’m an independent artist and full-time cosplay commission maker with a professional team, making cosplays for over a decade now. We’re based in Germany (Europe) and are able to construct your requested item as a sturdy and lightweight physical replica which can be shipped worldwide.

We offer:

  • Blueprints
  • Custom sewing Patterns for Clothes & Costumes
  • Props & Wings
  • Accessories & Jewellery
  • Weapon & Shield replicas
  • Complete Costumes in general

Please take a look at our examples first to make sure you like our working style!
If you’re interested, make sure to drop me a message with the following:

  • Reference pictures (1-15 pictures in high resolution, if available)
  • What items should be included/excluded
  • Name of the belonging character & series
  • Destination country for shipping
  • Rough size information (Height + Common size like ‚Small‘, ‚Medium‘, ‚Large‘, etc.)
  • Estimated Budget, preferable in € Euro currency (e.g. max. 500€, 2000€ etc.)
  • Deadline, if required

I come back to you to discuss the details then as soon as possible! (๑╹っ╹๑)
As a full-time commissioner I will always be there to help you and answer your requests.
We’ll discuss the materials, measurements and all details to make sure you’ll be happy with your result.

If you’re on a budget, we can most likely add a paymentplan to your order. ♥

A Paymentplan option is available for all kind of commissions!
This process shall ease the costs for the customer. With the first payment the commission slot is fixed. With the last payment the commission is able to be shiped. For shipping however, the deadline is essential. I’m responsible for the start and the progress of the commission and I make sure to finish it in time for the deadline.
If there’s no deadline, the order is added to the commission queue. You can still send an update regarding your deadline at a later time though.

My paymentplans usually work with monthly payments.
So f.e.: The order costs 1000€.
The customer wants to split this in 4 monthly payments, so 4×250€. They could also pay 2×500€ or 5×200€ or 10×100€.